Cement Products Factory

GAC owns a huge cement-products factory producing curbstones, cement tiles, hollow cement blocks and thermo-blocks of all shapes and sizes used for road paving and in the construction of car parks, recreation areas, shopping centers and commercial centers.

Our GAC cement factory uses European technology in the manufacture of its cement products; our production line technology includes:

  • TEKA Mixing Machine – Made in Germany
  • 4 ZENITH Machines - Made in Germany
  • 2 LONGINETTI Machines - Made in Italy

In addition to the above technologies we also have steam rooms to treat our cement products and a massive stock area to store the finished products.
GAC cement products factory, with its high production capacity, is able to fulfill all contractor requirements and the needs of large-scale projects extremely efficiently by using the best sources and raw materials. Our production is controlled by a rigorous quality management system. Well-qualified engineers and technicians ensure that all the products comply with required international standards.